A Primary Care Clinic for Adults 

Welcome To A Primary Care Clinic for Adults! We Look Forward to Assisting You with Your Health Care Needs!

You will appreciate the personalized approach to our care. We believe learning more about you and your health goals facilitates restoring you to optimal well being.

WE SPEND MORE TIME WITH OUR PATIENTS. Our basic appointment length is 30 minutes. You will notice right away the unhurried manner of your appointment. We respect your time and personal needs.

WE OPERATE INDEPENDENTLY BUT NOT ALONE. We work in conjunction with a full network of other healthcare providers (doctors, therapists, counselors) that we will refer you to, when appropriate, to optimize your return to best possible health.

RESPONSIBILITY. The role of the NP continues to evolve in response to changing social and health care needs. As the leaders in primary and acute health care NP’s combine the roles of provider, mentor, educator, researcher & administrator.  Members of the profession are responsible for advancing the role of the NP and insuring that the standards of the profession are maintained.  This is accomplished through involvement in professional organizations & participation in continuing education.

WHAT IS A NURSE PRACTITIONER? Nurse Practitioners (NP's) are nurses who have completed advanced graduate education (Masters or Doctoral degree) and advanced training, to provide a wide range of health care services. Like physicians, NPs can assess and examine, establish medical diagnoses and prescribe treatment plans including prescription medications for complex as well as common health conditions. A NPs practice approach emphasizes care as well as cure. NPs stress health promotion and disease prevention while taking into consideration the patient as well as their family. Their unique personalized approach with health education and counseling assists patients in making informed choices about their health care.

HOW LONG HAVE NPS BEEN PROVIDING HEALTH CARE? NPs have provided high quality, cost effective health care since the development of the first educational program in 1965 at the University of Colorado. Today there are about 150,000 practicing NPs nationwide providing care in all types of communities (rural, urban, and suburban) in a variety of settings including clinics, private offices, hospitals, nursing homes and schools. Wherever health care is delivered, it is likely one would find an NP.

WHY CHOOSE AN NP? Nurse Practitioner visits are generally more comprehensive, structured to allow for questions, discussion and counseling. NPs offer personalized, high quality holistic care. Many studies have demonstrated NPs provide excellent care equal to their physician colleagues. Outcomes of patient satisfaction surveys of NP led care showed ratings that equaled or often exceeded care led by a physician.

CAN AN NP WORK INDEPENDENTLY? NPs can serve as your primary care provider. They are licensed by the state within which they practice and are legally authorized to provide comprehensive care. Most NPs are also Nationally Certified in their area of specialty practice. Although NPs do work independently it does not mean alone. NPs collaborate with many other health care providers (doctors, therapists, social workers, etc.) to manage and coordinate a patient’s care.

We believe everyone deserves access to quality healthcare and that patients should be treated as individuals and not just a number. 

We accept most insurance plans and offer a discount for those without insurance. Please contact us for more details.

 We Have Moved!

On May 21st, 2012 we officially opened in our new location at:
18323 98th Ave NE Suite 2
Bothell, WA 98011.

Our phone & fax numbers will remain the same. Please call if you would like directions to our new office!

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